By Karl Pablo



Coming soon..

Battle of 1404 motors: Dave_C/Flywoo's vs Airblade's

Three very similar Kv variants for each side - it's a threeway, tag-team match!

In Progress

The most efficient 1404 motors for your 4" sub-250g cruiser!

An almost-always up-to-date guide to help you get the longest flight time possible!


In Progress

RCBenchmark 1520 - thrust stand for brushless motors

Measure static thrust produced by specific motor, prop, and battery combinations.

Coming soon..

In search for the (almost) perfect cinewhoop

The quest to find the most quiet, safe, durable, digital cinematic quad.

Coming soon..

TomoQuads Katana 5" 6S super long-range, cruiser build

Another cruiser build, but this time in analog, and with Li-Ion cells. How far can this one go?

Coming soon..

DJI FPV goggles - all-internal, diversity analog RX mod

Tired of those bulky analog adapters and antennas? Here's a much-slicker solution!


Coming soon..

FPVCycle CineSplore build - a 3" ducted cinewhoop

This cinewhoop can carry a full GoPro and still fly fairly well! However..

Coming soon..

TomoQuads Katana 4" 3S ultralight, long-range cruiser build

Cruise around and actually enjoy the scenery with this quad!

Coming soon..

A 3" 2S super ultralight, long-range build

The quad looks weird, but it's 60-grams dry and has GPS and HD DVR!

Coming soon..

Umma85 build - a 2" 4S whoop with naked GoPro Hero6 Black

Absolutely the safest quad that can shoot quality footage!

Coming soon..

RaceDayQuads Mach 1 build - a 5" 4S digital racer

Almost MultiGP spec-class, too!


Coming soon..

DJI FPV goggles teardown, the relatively easier way

Minimize the risk of damaging your $600 pair of goggles when you open it for paint and mods.


ImmersionRC PowerPlay DVR + AKK Diversity RX

An excellent DVR combined with an inexpensive video RX can become a whole lot of things!

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