BrotherHobby VY 2004 motors thrust test

1700Kv, 1900Kv, 2100Kv, 3150Kv


  • Weight: 14.9-grams
  • Mounting pattern: 12x12mm M2
  • Prop shaft diameter: T-Mount 1.5mm



Motor Kv Tested Kv Prop Voltage
1700 1600 Gemfan 5125-3 6S
1900 1890 Gemfan 5125-3 6S
2100 1970 Gemfan 5125-3 4S
3150 3100 Gemfan 5125-3 4S

Thrust Charts

screencapture-localhost-8000-thrust-tests-2020-10-16-23 24 44


  1. BrotherHobby gave me these motors for testing.
  2. These tests are static. They are performed on the bench under a common baseline. They do not reflect performance on actual flights, but they do provide enough data to be usable. Use this data to predict if a particular combination will work for your applications, but I will not be responsible for any damages or repercussions if it actually doesn't.
  3. Thrust, efficiency and weight are not the only variables for determining a motor performance. Torque and response time are also important, but are not covered here. Mini Quad Test Bench has a very informative article about this.

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