ImmersionRC PowerPlay DVR + AKK Diversity RX

An excellent DVR combined with an inexpensive video RX can become a whole lot of things!


I've came up with an idea to combine the ImmersionRC PowerPlay with an AKK Diversity RX module. This combo can have many useful functions, such as:

  • a ground station for long-range flights
  • a screen for audience/ride-alongs
  • a bench tester for analog setups
  • an analog ground station for your digital goggles
  • a directional quad finder

The PowerPlay is a 60FPS DVR with 2.4" screen and removable 18500 batteries. It is designed to be connected to analog FPV goggles through the video port, and it can also provide power to the goggles.

The AKK RX is a cheap ($35), but surprisingly good, diversity module for analog goggles. It takes in 5V and outputs a video signal through one of the pins. This is the cheapest, yet, good RX out there, but you can definitely use whatever you want.

IMG 20200828 185032

IMG 20200828 185043


Pretty difficult if you're new to electronics, but should be simple enough for you if you have already built your own FPV drone from parts.

What you'll need

Optional parts

I find that these pair of antennas work the best at the angle that this FPV monitor is naturally tilted at.

You may also want to print the cover and the holder, plus grab a couple of good batteries:


Step 1

Open up the PowerPlay (four screws in the back). Remove the screen by lifting the black latch holding down the ribbon cable to the board.

IMG 20200828 185141

IMG 20200828 191641

IMG 20200828 191813

IMG 20200828 191943

Step 2

Unsolder the board from the +/- battery terminals, which are found on the left side.

IMG 20200828 192947

Step 3

On the backside of the board, solder a (yellow) video wire and a (red) positive wire to the indicated spots in the photos below. Solder a (white) ground wire to the negative pin where the battery connects to.

You also need to cut out the metal leg on the power output's barrel plug to allow power to pass-through without needing for something to be plugged in to the barrel.

Pull the wires through one of the holes in the battery bay. Resolder the board to the battery terminals, attach the screen back and reassemble the PowerPlay.

IMG 20200828 193607

IMG 20200828 193625

IMG 20200828 193621

IMG 20200828 193642

Step 4

Drill a hole on the battery cover for the wires to go through. Connect the positive and negative wires to the BEC, attach the BEC in between the two RX boards, then follow the pinout below.

There are 9 pins on the AKK RX. With it right side up and facing you (SMA connectors on the left), pin 1 would be at the bottom right, pin 9 would be at the top right. You would want to solder to the following:

  • Pin 1 = 5V input from BEC
  • Pin 3 = GND from BEC
  • Pin 6 = Video from PowerPlay

IMG 20200828 194222

Step 5

You're pretty much done! Just stick the RX to the battery plate with the double-sided tape, put on the RX cover and attach the antennas. Turn on the PowerPlay and the RX should turn on as well! I have this mounted on a GoPro tripod and it works really great handheld or simply standing on the ground.

IMG 20200828 184920

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